Consultation: $75 - Approximately 1 hour - First appointment!

This service is where we start. You will leave this appointment with my recommendations for your child.

Private tutoring: $45 per hour/session

Ages: kindergarten-Adult

Regular Set Scheduling: A day (or days) and time are set aside for your student each week.


Flexible Scheduling: You schedule as time fits your schedule.

Intervention screening: $200 -$300 - We do 2/3 appointments and I give you 5-10 pages of data.

Over the course of two-three appointments, your child will be given a variety of screeners to determine an ability level of reading capabilities.

Screenings are done on a variety of reading skills to find gaps in learning and current abilities. Different types of screenings are administered based on age. Screenings take approximately 1-2 hours and are most valid when the student is willing to cooperate with instructions of the screener(s). It is also suggested screening takes place out of the immediate sight of the parent/guardian. Once the student has completed the screener, I will analyze and evaluate all the results. You will receive a full report of results and recommendations within 10 business days of the screening appointment. You are free to share your report with teachers, tutors, medical or mental health professionals, or with anyone who may benefit from the information.

**Disclaimer: Intervention screening is not a diagnosis for reading disabilities. The results of the screening are to be used for educational purposes.

Personalized lesson plans: $300-$400 - We do 2/3 appointments of screeners and I give you my report (5-10 pages), as well as lesson plans for you to use at home.

Intervention screening and plan creation

Continued Service --$125-$150 plan improvement and restructure - Price dependent upon difficulty level.

**(Applicable only for the immediately following time frame after initial development.)**

Once I have the most current information, I will develop a 30-45 minute plan for you to use with your student. Paper and flashcard resources will be provided with this plan. Other manipulatives may be suggested at the cost of the client.

I will recommend this plan be used, at minimum, 3 times per week. Plans are designed to last for an instructional quarter and/or summer review and instruction

Instructional quarters will be recognized as follows:

Quarter 1: August-October

Quarter 2: October-December

Quarter 3: January-March

Quarter 4: March-May

Summer review and instruction: May-August

Dyslexia Testing: $800

Approximately four hours of testing.

Can be done in one or two sessions, depending on the age of students and their attention span.

$800 total price. A $200 deposit is due at the time of booking the first appointment. The remaining $600 may be paid in increments, but FULL payment is due at the beginning of the first appointment.

Speaking Engagements: Prices negotiable

Speaking engagement topics:


Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

Multisensory Learning

alltime data until april 21

The report examples shown are for the following services:

Intervention Screening

Private Tutoring

Personalized Lesson Plans

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**Prices are subject to change.

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