Testimonials and Reviews

I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Griffin from both a personal and professional standpoint.  I first met Mrs. Griffin at a Dyslexia in-service held at Cape Public Library.  I follow a MO Mom's Dyslexia Facebook page due to my older son dealing with dyslexia.  I attended the in-service with a co-worker trying to get more resources for the school.  We communicated in reference to some needs the school had and what services she could provide our students.  In our area, resources pertaining to Dyslexia are very limited so Mrs. Griffin became the closest expert.  We have had multiple students inquire about services with Mrs. Griffin. She has provided numerous resources for teachers and parents who are looking for assistance.  We continue to work together to meet the needs of the students.  

My first personal experience with Mrs. Griffin was when she screened my 10-year-old daughter. She found some concerns that led us down a long path of testing. In April, she was able to diagnose my daughter with Dyslexia and began working to help her succeed in school. She was able to provide me with a detailed report with specific accommodations that will help her feel confident to learn the best way that fits her needs.  My daughter began her reading tutoring sessions in June.  She has completed 4 weeks of tutoring and we have already noticed a huge boost in her confidence.  She is learning the rules of reading and applying those rules at home when reading.  She looks forward to her tutoring sessions and is excited when she leaves because of what she has accomplished.  Kameren actually wants to read now and is excited when she can comprehend what she reads.  Mrs. Griffin has had a huge impact on my family and I continue to learn from her with every encounter.  

Melissa Knight

To whom it may concern,


My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia at the Memphis Foundation for Dyslexia by Dr. Gardner Brooksbank in 2020 when she was in the second grade.  At that time she was attending a very small private school who really didn’t have the capabilities to help her extensively.  The following school year we enrolled her in public school thinking she would get services to help her close the gap and get her to reading on her grade level.  The summer before 3rd she was given (orally) a series of tests to determine if she qualified for a 504 or and IEP.  At that time the process coordinator for our local public school told us that Aubrie did not qualify for a IEP or a 504 plan.  We asked the school to at least keep her in title 1 reading.  They told us they could not promise that.  Aubrie was in the third grade reading at a kindergarten level.  Well, the third grade year kicks off and she does end up starting off the school year in the title 1 reading program.  Well, after Christmas break two of the three third grade teachers were let go and they made the title 1 teachers third grade teachers and the school no longer had title 1.  Aubrie suffered from this and was still not getting any intervention.  We did all we could at home, but it was not enough and Aubrie’s confidence was slipping away.  Aubrie was once a very confident child, but after second and third grade, that was gone.  Well, 4th grade rolls around.  One week into the school year, Aubrie’s math teacher asked her in front of the entire class if she was in special education.  That was the end of us taking no for an answer from that school and I got on a mission.  I had to raise 9 kinds of heck and email/talk to board members, admin, etc to get the school to give her a 504 plan.  I am still having troubles getting the school to follow the plan even after all of this.  I’ve approached the previous superintendent about getting some training on dyslexia and he shot me down.  Well, right after all of this happened we were invited to an informational on dyslexia and other reading differences at the Cape Girardeau MO library.  Jacinda Griffin was present at this meeting offering her tutoring services among other services.  I immediately emailed her the next day and got Aubrie in.  Aubrie has been seeing her once a week ever since.  We absolutely love Jacinda and I recommend her to everyone.  Aubrie’s confidence is back and she loves school again.  I’ve had multiple people compliment me on her reading and she even asks to read aloud now.  She has moved up three reading grades at school since starting with Jacinda and we are forever grateful.  We are so excited that Jacinda will be able to tutor Aubrie in Sikeston and we won’t have to drive all the way to Bernie anymore, but we would drive to St. Louis (2.5 hours away) if it meant she got to be tutored by Jacinda.  Aubrie considers Jacinda one of her best friends and we absolutely love her.  We are so proud of the work she is doing to help more children in our very impoverished community.  I cannot wait to see the things she does! 

My testimony with dyslexia, 

I have always struggled in school. Most of the time teachers won’t stop and make the time to talk to extra and have you understand what they are teaching. In my experience, I have only had one teacher in my 9 years of school. Mrs. Paige broke down and took the time to explain and talk about the things I didn’t understand. Having dyslexia is very hard. It makes things harder and Mrs. Page has taught me how to break things down to make it easier to understand. Mrs. Paige has helped my grades and my education. Going to her has helped me feel more comfortable with school work and doing school work by myself. Mrs. Paige's program with help many other students. Younger students will have all the things she has taught and will teach them for the rest of their lives. It will make an impact on them for the rest of their lives and maybe their children’s lives. Older students will go to high school and college with the things she has taught and will teach. The things she teaches will make a difference in many students' lives. It has made a very large impact on my life. Having an older student going to Mrs. Paige has allowed me to come to terms with needing some extra help. Some older students might feel embarrassed or won’t admit they need help, I was like that before I went and started her program. Her teaching methods have helped me be able to say I need more help than others. Mrs. Paige is doing a wonderful thing for kids who struggle. Being able to have access to this kind of help, will help the kids in the classroom and the community to do better in school and be able to feel confident. Having dyslexia makes your confidence low, at least it did to me before I started the program. Being an older student I know how bad having dyslexia makes you feel at times when you don’t understand how to do something in class when everyone else can and you feel too embarrassed to ask for help. Mrs. Paige has taught me how to not feel embarrassed and just ask for help, and if you’re still not ready to ask your teacher in the classroom you can always shoot Mrs. Paige a text.  I think what Mrs. Paige is doing is above and beyond what she has to do for her kids. She shows love and support no matter what.

TR - Jan 2024

Mrs. Griffin is amazing!! My daughter gets really frustrated with reading, but after her session she was really eager to call her back and try again!!!

Lisa - Jan 2024

Mrs. Griffin is absolutely wonderful. She did the evaluation and is very thorough. I highly recommend her!

Stacy - Jan 2024

We just started but so far so good and my daughter loves her sessions! Mrs. Griffin is very kind and knows how to communicate with children and help them understand things.

AC - Jan 2024

Hearing the words “ I love it here” from your child when you pick him up is all I needed to hear to know he is right where he needs to be.❤️

AC - Dec 2023

We just started, after the second visit my son is smiling and excited to go back next week.

Mindy - Oct 2023

We’ve only met with Mrs. Griffin twice but I am already so impressed! My son is excited to go back and I can tell a difference in his confidence knowing she’s going to help him read well! I can’t wait to see all his progress!

Leigh - Sep 2023

In our time with Mrs. Griffin, she has helped build my daughter's skill base and confidence tremendously when it comes to school. She took the time to really get to know my daughter and the way she learns, then she tailors her approach to fit the child, but also makes it fun. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Tina - May 2023

Mrs. Griffin's evaluation with {redacted} went great!!!! She is AMAZING!!!!!

Lynda - May 2023

Mrs. Griffin's evaluation of my child was thorough and very informative. We are now looking forward to working with Ms. Griffin.

Lanette - Nov 2022 

I have seen such a great improvement in my daughter. For someone who didn't like school or learning, she sure does love going to Mrs. Griffin's.

Crystal - Nov 2022

Mrs. Griffin is great!! Highly recommend her!

Kristen - Nov 2022

Mrs. Griffin is wonderful!

BS - August 2022

Great experience! Saw improvement in just a short amount of time. Paige is super easy to work with, extremely qualified, and genuinely cares about her student's growth. Worth every penny!

SO - August 2022

Paige is beyond gifted with her ability to teach children to read. I tried everything I knew to help my son learn to read but nothing worked. Within just a few sessions with Paige he made an amazing amount of progress. She is a huge asset to improving the literacy rate in our area. 

KW - August 2022

I could not recommend Paige enough. Paige has worked with my son since he was in Kindergarten and now going into 5th grade. He was always behind in reading and we have seen nothing but progress with Paige and now reading at his grade level. Paige was a total game changer for us and completely invested in Anthony. When it comes to teaching your children she will always be our pick! So thankful for how far she’s brought my boy 

JM - August 2022

It has been a great experience for us!! She has done wonders with my son and we love Paige!!! I am very glad we found her!